Letters from Service Members – 08-17-2015

Filed in Letters From Service Members on August 18, 2015

To everyone at T.N.L.T.,

I am currently deployed to the Middle East as an aircraft mechanic. I would just like to send a very heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone for the care packages you put together for us! We sincerely appreciate them! Its really great what you guys are doing and we definitely enjoy it, even though we don’t get much time to ourselves while deployed, I would like to say thank you on behalf of everyone I work with everyday.

Now to extend a very very special THANK YOU to the children that have taken the time to fold the small flags. As I was searching through one of the boxes a friend of mine found a postcard that someone had written. After she read it out loud I couldn’t help but feel very loved and appreciated! We continued to search for some more postcards and found one of the little folded flags with a message attached. After reading it I couldn’t hardly keep my composure, especially after seeing the picture of the children folding the flags! That really meant a lot to my friend and I to see that these children had so carefully folded these flags just for us. I was very touched and I now will carry the small flag with me everywhere I go! So, to all of the children that folded these flags…THANK YOU! It means a whole lot to us, even if its a tiny flag perfectly folded with 3 sides! Because while being deployed “its the small things” that mean the most to us! I have attached some pictures I took after receiving the care packages. I hope you all like them!

I also hope everyone that reads this has an amazing day!

God Bless!

Sincerely, Gregory

air force pocket flag 6

air force with pocket flag

air force pocket flag 3

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